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NDORSE is an eclectic bootleg deejay who sifts through genres faster than your local bread maker. One part mashup musketeer, two parts producer, three parts shaker of the tail feather, NDORSE is best known as the vocalist beatmaker for brass n beats party band THE BROW (aka Brow Horn

With weekly residencies at the Aviary Rooftop Sessions / Tilt + Memphis Meltdown at Llama / ECU Joondalup, plus a variety of other here n theres such as Ambar, Parker, Metro City and festivals such as Southbound, Rottofest and Beaufort Street, NDORSE delves deep in all that musical good stuff. If it’s got a little soul and a little bounce in its booty, you’re bound to hear it come crumbling through the speakers flipped and twisted.

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The empty time between the support finishing and the roadies setting up the main act can be an
impatient one, trying to maintain that uplift of excitement as the crowds get restless. This was
nonexistent as NDORSE commanded the decks, spinning out hit after hit of dangerously good
90’s remixes and filling the dance floor with bustling festivity as we all chimed along to House of
Pain and The Lion King

Steph Payton, The AU Review – October 2019

The super multi-talented DJ NDORSE aka Brow Horn frontman Nic Owen, dropped some
awesome beats for the early gig-goers, setting the tone for the night.

- Chloe Papas, Xpress Magazine – October 2019

NDORSE, aka Nic, is actually The Brow Horn Orchestra’s lead singer, but he has many talents
and tastes. Given his band’s uplifting funk/ska/hip hop/dub blends it was a surprise to see him
ripping the speakers open with so much electronic grime, but to innovate the way The Brow do,
it’s obvious there must be many influences.

- Camilo Cayazaya, Fasterlouder – October 2019

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