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4 Horsemen - Metallica Tribute

The 4 Horsemen are Perth’s one and only Metallica Tribute Band giving audiences a high-powered, authentic performance of Metallica’s greatest hits that has even the most die hard Metallica fans exclaiming that it’s ”just like the real thing!”

A Boy Named Cash

'A Boy Named Cash' Johnny Cash Tribute Show One Man Band starring Monty Cotton as seen on 'The Voice' Australia.

Chris Franklin

Chris is one of Australia's premier comedy stars. He's an Aussie bloke, a yobbo or a bogan, from his flannelette shirt to his double plugger thongs. His 'Hoganesque' style of comedy appeals to every average Australian and touches on the delicate issues of beer, sport and relationship.


Cosentino the Grand Illusionist is one of the biggest and most popular entertainers in the country.


Playing all of the biggest hits from the era known for dance routines, Discmans, frosted tips, scrunchies, butterfly clips and girl power, Denim bring your guilty pleasures of the 90s to life. Backed by a live band, nostalgia never sounded better.


Gunners are Perth's premier Guns N Roses tribute act performing all of Guns N Roses greatest hits with complete authenticity. Featuring members from some of Perth's most respected original and cover bands, their show features all of the soaring vocals, signature licks and raunchy rock n roll rhythms that made Guns N Roses a household name in the late eighties.

Honky Tonk Heroes

If you like your country music as hot as Nashville style chicken and as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, then look no further than WA's own Honky Tonk Heroes.

James Sleight

James Sleight is a multi-award winning magician with a cheeky charm which captures any audience.


LIVE WIRE – AC/DC Tribute is a band of five accomplished musicians who pay meticulous attention to the music of AC/DC by replicating the music from the tight rhythms, the searing vocals to those Angus Young solo’s delivered by one of Perth’s finest lead guitarists. The unmistakeable sound of AC/DC is captured from the guitar tones right through to the vocal inflections.

Mario the (almost) Magnificent

Magic doesn’t have to be serious and Mario loves to make people laugh while simultaneously blowing their minds!

Niel Elvis

Niel Elvis has been impersonating the kings hits for over 25 years now. Niel Elvis strives to take you through the years of the King of Rock N Roll and make your occasion unforgettable.

Oats Supply

For all lovers of classic 80's pop music comes Oats Supply. The super group is an eclectic mix of Perth independent music scene has-beens, drawn together to play the very best of middle-of-the-road white American soul, the cream of British puffy-shirt pop and a chunky block of Oz Rock.

Oscar Letelier

This experimental noise artist, challenge your lobes by blending familiar drum machine beats with the very unfamiliar to create vast dancing soundscapes.

Over The Top - Tribute to The Angels & Doc Neeson

‘Over The Top’ have been paying tribute to The Angels throughout Perth and Western Australia for nearly four years, replicating their “balls to the wall” rock shows from the 70s and 80s when front man Doc Neeson was at his menacing best!


Renegade deliver a rollickin’ performance of country classics and re-worked, ‘country-fried’ pop/rock favorites. Their fun-filled ‘tongue-in-cheek’ stage show never fails to get toes a’tappin, mouth’s a’singin’ and feet a’movin’ on the dance-floor.

The American Idiots

The American Idiots. The result of an enormous love for a band who have influenced, inspired and punk rocked the hell out of so many. If you are after a genuine, note for note and energetic Green Day experience, this band is the one you should check out.

The Healys

The Healys sound and performance is a truly authentic but more modern version of what is deemed to be an Irish folk band.

The Mastertones

Perth’s most established and respected grandmasters of groove, The Mastertones. The Mastertones promise a compulsive and relentless dance soul experience, even to the most cold-blooded ‘two-left-footers’ among us. So surrender your inhibitions and testify to the funky powers of The Mastertones.

The Sirens

Essentially the outfit is an interactive all female trio, in Victorian'ess mermaid-like/modern-day costume, involving three captivating performers roving with instruments: accordion, double bass- on wheels and ukulele and vocals.

Tien Tran

You may not agree with some of his outlandish viewpoints but at least it will be funny.

Vulture Street - Powderfinger Tribute

Bringing you tunes from a wide range of Powderfinger albums such as the iconic "Double Allergic", the acclaimed "Internationalist"? and the aria award winning "Odyssey No. 5", through to their greatest hits featured on "Footprints", Vulture Street is an experience you'll want to take over and over.

Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group

The Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group specialise in providing a professional performance of traditional Noongar dance, music and tales from the “Dreaming”, and share a lot of their funny and interesting stories from our adventures through-out the state and the world.

What You Need - INXS Tribute

Featuring some of Perth?s most accomplished musicians, What You Need will bring to life all your favourite INXS Hits in a full band high energy show.