Hunting Birds fly to top spot

Hunting Birds fly to top spot
Submitted on 11 April 2019 14:45

The original musicians of Perth once again stepped up to the plate and hit home runs in the form of talent, originality, performance, professionalism and crowd response.

But out of 20 competing bands there can only be one champion and after seven weeks of fierce competition, the winner was proudly announced at Saturday's Grand Final... *DRUM ROLLS*... The Hunting Birds!

Here's a recap of the band's winnings:

If you couldn't make it to Saturday's Grand Final at Bar Indigo (Leisure Inn, Rockingham), don't fret! Here's a review of the night's events written by the competition's MC, Josh Terlick...


The Drools kicked the night off after arriving in a tour bus full of mates who climbed over each other to get out, thirsty. The Drools set would not have been out of place in a late 80s Seattle dive bar. Raw, dirty, distortion screaming, bodies crashing on the dance floor. I expect to see The Drools on all of WA's best stages, amongst the elite filthy rock bands (and my apologies for the name slip up!)

The Hunting Birds haven't been around for long but they already have everything required to take it to the big stage. Their song writing, delivery, melodies, arrangements and performance is well beyond their teenage years. Spot on harmonies delivered by musicians who take pride in their ability, The Hunting Birds would not be out of place opening for anyone from Of Monsters and Men to Fleetwood Mac.

Crowd favourites The Milkmen had the dance floor at capacity from the line check. Seasoned performers who have clearly been playing together for years, knowing each other inside and out. The highlight of the set being the outro of Pirate Boy (did I count 14/8?). The Milkmen continue to grow and can no doubt make an impression on the touring and festival circuit.

The skill of The Georgians front man, Luke, needs to be highlighted. The dexterity it takes to play complex bass lines whilst delivering on point vocals and achieving Olympic acrobatic status must be applauded. The stage presence of the band is next level, even with a fill in guitarist whilst Nick earns a crust in Copenhagen. The music is heavy, hooky and funky and the arrangements are solid.

The Hounds sound is deeply rooted in the progressive blues rock of the 70s but it is presented in a way that is fresh and modern. Front man Jack is charismatic (and I don't know that he knows it) and all members are clearly students of their craft. Melodic, heavy, progressive and so intelligent. Refreshingly classic! Or is it classically refreshing?


For those interested, Round #3 of The Playoff is locked in and we're taking it regional!
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