Gunners Return To The Ravo!

Gunners Return To The Ravo!
Submitted on 14 August 2018 11:37

Guns N' Roses Tribute | The Ravenswood Hotel | Saturday 4 August 2018

Gunners are set to return to The Ravo on Saturday 4 August for a night of ROCK!

>>> Tickets available online <<< or call the venue on 9537 6054

Gunners are Perth’s premier Guns N’ Roses tribute act – performing all of Guns N’ Roses greatest hits with complete authenticity. Featuring members from some of Perth’s most respected original and cover bands, their show features all of the soaring vocals, signature licks and raunchy rock n’ roll rhythms that made Guns N’ Roses a household name in the late eighties.

Behind the mic is Sal Abate, a veteran of the Perth music scene. He is a member of original group Emerald City, who have played hundreds of live dates both here and abroad. He is also a member of cover groups Kickstart and Third Gear. Succeeding where many have failed, he is able to capture the essence of Axl Rose’s vocal style with his impressive range and expressive vocal tonality.

Taking the role of Slash is Lindsay Stronach-Bates. A graduate of the WA Academy of Performing Arts, Lindsay is a member of popular Perth cover band Frenzy and was previously a member of Almost Famous. A massive fan of Slash’s guitar style, Lindsay replicates Slash’s riffs and solos with careful attention to detail. Also on guitar is Michael Burke. A full-time musician, Michael is a member of Kickstart and Third Gear. Known amongst the group as ‘Mr. Professional’, his strong guitar technique and rock-solid backing vocals are a crucial part of the group’s sound.

The drummer in the group is Danny Torre, another veteran of the Perth rock scene. Danny was a member of original hard rock group Diamond Eye and more recently Reaper’s Riddle. Known for his intrinsic hard rock sensibility, he does perfect musical justice to Steven Adler’s raunchy rhythms. Providing the low-end is Paul Judge on bass guitar. A member of popular original band Babyjane, Paul has extensive live experience and is the only member of the group that can lay claim to having recorded with a former member of Guns N’ Roses (Gilby Clarke).

The group’s repertoire draws from Guns N’ Roses ‘classic’ era (1987-1993). Featuring all of the smash hits from their transcendent debut album Appetite for Destruction, several tasty tracks from Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 and a sprinkling of songs from the 1988 LP Lies, the group has cut no corners in paying homage to the group dubbed ‘The Most Dangerous Band in the World’. Featuring a highly energetic stage presence and professional sonic delivery, the group is set to satisfy the appetites of Guns N’ Roses fans far and wide – and that’s no illusion!