Artist Onboarding Information

Artist Onboarding Information

Welcome to Champion Music. We look forward to working in partnership with you and getting you gigging across Perth and WA!

Since our inception in 2008, we have refined a few procedures to make the enquiry, booking and performance delivery process easier and more manageable for artists, clients and booking agents alike. Most of which is outlined below, so please take the time to read the information provided.

If you find yourself still with some unanswered questions, feel free to contact us.

Staff Contact Details

Frank – Champion Music director and Venue booking agent

Fiona – Corporate bookings, weddings, mine-sites, private parties booking agent

Jared – Venue booking agent

Lauren – Support to booking agents, contracts, worksheets, social media

Jade – Support to event bookings, contracts, worksheets

Nadesh – Website marketing, event promotions

Jodi – Accounts Payable & Receivable

Private / Corporate / Mine Sites & Wedding Bookings

All requests for quotes for corporate, wedding, mine site and private bookings are enquiries only until you receive confirmation via email or SMS that the booking has been confirmed with the client.

It is vitally important you place a hold on the date to allow the client time to discuss their options and make a decision. If you receive another request for this date in the meantime, please advise us as soon as possible and allow 24 hours for our client to make a decision. If it is not possible for you to place a hold on the date, please advise at time of quoting.

We always do our best to inform you if the event did not go ahead but please feel free to contact us to check in with progress (keeping in mind that a lot of clients take at least a couple of weeks to decide).

When artists have been booked in to perform at a wedding the artist is required to contact the client at least one month before the wedding to introduce themselves and discuss song selection. Please ensure you set reminders to contact the wedding client and respond to their emails in a timely manner.

When quoting ceremony musicians for clients, we assume and inform that the act will learn up to three special songs if required, and anything above this can incur an extra charge to the client. If this is something you are not happy to offer, please always inform us at time of quoting.

If a client sends you feedback about your performance, please email this to (or the relevant booking agent) so we can include this on your website profile page as a testimonial.

We request a testimonial from most clients after an event, however some send this feedback directly to the act and we’d love to hear it!

When an artist has confirmed their booking with the booking agent it is a requirement that the artist honours this commitment. Finding a replacement act for a private, corporate or wedding function can be hugely problematic as this is a peak event for the client. The client may have spent a considerable amount of time planning, discussing and negotiating to book in a specific act, so please be respectful and mindful of this.

It is important that if you commit to the booking you honour it unless it is for a reason outside of your control based on the conditions included in the worksheet. If you need to cancel due to matters outside of your control, it is very important you communicate this to us rather than the client direct.

If a booking is cancelled 21 days or more away from the performance, there is no cancellation fee. If a cancellation is received more than 7 days prior but less than 21 days prior to the contracted performance date the artist will receive 50% of the booking fee. If cancelled within 7 days of event date the full performance fee is payable to the artist.

Often wedding clients will come to us more than 12 months prior to their wedding. If you increase your prices between the time of quote and confirmation of the booking, the original quote needs to be honoured. Please keep this in mind when quoting.

If you receive an enquiry for a function 12 months or more in advance, please be realistic about your availability. If there is a chance that you are not available for that time and you are unsure, please inform us so that we can inform the customer of the same. Once the booking has been confirmed with the client it is very difficult to reverse and is very disappointing for the client who often has their heart set on the act they book.

If a potential client speaks to you at a Champion Music booked gig or contacts you after seeing you at a Champion Music show, we ask, in good faith and as part of our standard agreement with the act, that you refer these enquiries to us to deal with.

Please don’t provide a quote for the customer directly as this can get confusing for agent, artist and client in terms of booking fees and GST. Please offer them our details, or preferably CC us into an email to them, and we will happily take care of the enquiry for you.  

In most cases, clients choose an act based on your Champion Music profile on the website. We will only update artist’s material on the website profiles when new information has been received.

We would expect that new materials are supplied to us at least twice a year so that we can keep all information relevant. This includes updated photos, bios, song lists and live show samples.

If you haven’t supplied new information in the past 12 months, please email

It is common for venues, councils and events companies to request acts with public liability insurance. If you don’t have this cover, you will be required to obtain it if you wish to perform at these events.

Public liability insurance is affordable, will open you up to more gig opportunities and also provides peace of mind when performing. Most of our acts purchase this via Please always send through your updated certificate of currency so we can keep this on file.

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment is a common request from clients. We organise a qualified tester/tagger to come into Champion Music June/July every year and highly recommend you take this opportunity to update the tags on your equipment. We ask that you advise us if you have your gear tested and tagged, along with the expiry date, so we can keep a register.

Venue Gigs

All requests for quotes for venue bookings are enquiries ONLY until you receive a text or email confirming the booking has been locked in with the client.

If you haven’t received a confirmation by text, but a request to hold the date OR request to quote, please do not consider this a confirmation of booking and please contact us if you want to check if it’s locked in or not.

All requests for quotes for venue bookings are enquiries ONLY until you receive a text or email confirming the booking has been locked in with the client.

If you haven’t received a confirmation by text, but a request to hold the date OR request to quote, please do not consider this a confirmation of booking and please contact us if you want to check if it’s locked in or not.

If you have not received a worksheet and/or an SMS gig reminder by the Wednesday before the gig, then there is potentially an issue with your booking. Shockingly, we aren’t perfect so you need to flag this with us so we can rectify any issues ahead of time.

If you don’t have a worksheet and an SMS gig reminder, then your booking is not confirmed.

When a quote has been received from the artist our booking agent will request a hold on the date. This hold is required for a minimum of 2 weeks.

If in that time the artist receives another enquiry please offer our booking agent 24 hours to confirm with the initial client before booking with anyone else.

Please contact our booking agent if the 2 week time period has lapsed before releasing the date/taking another booking as some clients can take months to confirm. We will refer to this procedure as “first right of refusal”.

Remember that venues are keeping an eye on your social media and websites so please promote your shows as heavily as possible. Tag Champion Music and the venue in your posts!


If a venue cancels 48 hours or less before the booked performance we try and negotiate some money for the act dependent on the exact details of the cancellation.

We always try our best to get a cancellation fee for acts, but as we are a third party and as an agent, we are not directly responsible for any cancellation fees.

General Notes

Champion Music hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. During these times, please always contact us via email or on the office phone 9444 7510.

If you need to contact booking agents outside of these listed times on their mobile, please ensure this is for emergencies only, not relating to general enquiries.

We often request that musicians email us rather than call. This is not because we are trolls, it is because we are a high-volume agency and we prefer that all correspondence is in writing.

Please don’t feel this is because we are ignoring you. It is simply to ensure that all information is accurate and traceable.

We have a lot of bookings on the go at any one time, so an email is always the best way to communicate with us. If you need to call, it’s best to follow up with an email to confirm what was discussed.

Any enquiries that you receive as a result of playing at a Champion Music show must be directed to Champion Music to facilitate the booking, as per the terms and conditions on your worksheet.

If the client would prefer not to deal with Champion Music, then please discuss this with us so we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Our primary aim is to make sure our musicians are employed and paid appropriately and all we ask is for the same support in return. We are all effectively working to make a living by supplying music so please understand this is a fundamental courtesy for Champion Music.

Once a gig is confirmed, you will receive a worksheet with all gig details, T&Cs and payment instructions.

Please note that you will not receive a worksheet immediately, and issuance will vary gig to gig.

On the week of the event you will receive an SMS reminder. If you have not received a worksheet and/or an SMS reminder, please ensure you contact us so that we can investigate.

When you receive a worksheet it is very important that you read all variables included and request clarification on any issues ASAP.

If everything is fine please accept the worksheet invite so that we know its been received and all is in place.

If you have queries please reply email for clarification during normal work hours so we can sort a solution, as the worksheet email is not monitored after hours.

If something has come up last minute that requires clarification or if you are needing to cancel a show out of normal work hours, please call the mobile number of the Champion Music agent who booked your show.

It is very important that you relate any problems to the issuing booking agent as we all have different roles at Champion Music and another agent may not have the information required to help.

Whilst we do our absolute best to ensure all of the acts listed on our roster are working, we are human and we can forget you! So the onus is on you to stay in touch, keep your availability up to date, and keep your promo fresh.

The best promo tool you can provide us is a compilation YouTube video, featuring multiple covers of varying styles. If you don’t have this we’ll put you in touch with the right team to make one to our required spec.

For new acts, it can take some time to get rolling with us, as there are more acts than there are performance opportunities. Please be patient. Your first opportunity may come from a late cancellation, but once you showcase that you’re capable of doing the work, other bookings will follow.

If there is anything that you can bring to the table ie. new venue contacts, info on a new venue opening up etc, let us know, as that can always help get that ball rolling.

Please request to join Champion Newsic and Champion Music Last Minute Gigs on Facebook.

Payment Procedures

Payment Procedures

Artist invoice payments, for shows that Champion Music has already received payment, will be made on a Wednesday each week.

Please make sure you have all individual invoices for each show attached to one email and sent to by 12:00 pm Monday to ensure you make that week’s payment run.

Invoices received late will be automatically put into the following week’s run.

Identify your email with the following style info in the subject line……. PAYABLES_Your Act Name_Inv#

Our accounts expert is Jodi Ouwendyk. She can be contacted via email: This email should only be used for invoice enquiries and not for sending invoices.

All invoices need to be sent to as this is an automated email account (in the correct format as discussed above).

If you have an ABN but are not registered for GST, do not include GST on your “invoice”.

If your ABN is registered for GST, you must include GST on your invoice and follow the requirements for a valid “tax invoice”.

If you do not have an ABN you will need to send in a “statement by supplier form”, found on the ATO website. If you have sent in a “statement by supplier form”, do not include GST on your invoice.


Sole Traders invoicing for solo performances (excludes duos/trios/bands who invoice under a sole trader ABN):

Champion Music is required to withhold superannuation at the legislated percentage (currently 11%, increasing to 12% by 2025) of the gross service fee, for example, $1000.00 fee will be invoiced $1000.00 less $110.00 superannuation, net payable $890.00.