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The musical experience of Federico dates back to the age of ten but ends with a stalemate after a fleeting relationship with a rhythm guitar.

It takes several years before the music, by means of the classical guitar, comes knocking at his door again and this time in a decisive way. From the very first lesson, given by the master Vittorio Scartoni, he remains fascinated by the beauty and potential of the instrument. This is the beginning of a long period of study, ten years, which leads Federico to perform concerts in various locations around the province of Tuscany.

But there is another kind of guitar that has won the musical soul of Federico, it is the guitar of Mark Knopfler, the charismatic leader of the legendary British band Dire Straits. Initially the love for the tone and delicate crystalline sound of Knopfler’s guitar was immense but this is only a prelude to what would prove to be a true musical vocation. Soon Federico began to dream of writing songs where the guitar plays a major role, a feature virtually absent in Italian pop music. Federico’s progressive development of a unique finger-picking technique allows him to perform in an original and versatile way. Federico’s performances take shape with a broad repertoire of songs influenced by folk, country, rock, classical and jazz.

Early in 2013 Federico moved to Perth and started a new chapter of his journey into music. In 2015 he obtained an Advanced Diploma of Music Performance at the Central Institute of Technolgy in Leederville. He has recently finished the recording sessions of his soon upcoming album “I follow my soul” which includes several originals songs. At the same time Federico performs at both private functions and public events and if you are lucky you might just find him busking in the streets of the city or Fremantle.

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Federico Chianucci

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Song List

Vocals and Guitar Covers

1. Blue hotel (Chris Isaak)
2. Careless whispers (Wham)
3. Englishman in New York (Sting)
4. Every breath you take (Police)
5. Fields of gold (Sting)
6. Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)
7. Lady writer (Dire Straits)
8. Layla (Eric Clapton)
9. Learning to fly (Pink Floyd)
10. Losing my religion (Rem)
11. Mad world (Tears for Fears/Gary Jules)
12. Message in a bottle (Police)
13. Money for nothing (Dire Straits)
14. My father’s eyes (Eric Clapton)
15. Private investigations (Dire Straits)
16. Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)
17. So far away (Dire Straits)
18. Sultans of swing (Dire Straits)
19. Sweet child o’mine (Guns and Roses)
20. Take me home country road (John Denver)
21. Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)
22. Walk of life (Dire Straits)
23. What it is (Mark Knopfler)
24. Wicked games (Chris Isaak)
25. Wild world (Cat Steven)
26. Wish you were here (Pink Floyd)
27. Wonderful tonight (Eric Clapton)
28. Your latest trick (Dire Straits)
and more…

Classical Guitar Tunes

1. Allegro vivace (M. Giuliani)
2. Asturias (I. Albeniz)
3. Ave Maria (F. Schubert)
4. Bolero (B. Calatuyud)
5. Cielito lindo (Traditional)
6. Espagnoleta (G. Sanz)
7. Estudo in Do (F. Tarrega)
8. Estudo in Mi minor (F. Tarrega)
9. Ghiribizzo (N. Paganini)
10. Jeoux interdit (Anonymous)
11. Lagrima (F. Tarrega)
12. Marcha a la turca (W. A. Mozart)
13. O sole mio (E. di Capua)
14. Presto (M. Giuliani)
15. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (F. Tarrega)
16. Solea (Traditional)
17. The boys of Bluehill (Traditional)
18. The last waltz (F. Chianucci)
19. Walz venezolano (A. Lauro)

and more…

Popular songs and Soundtracks arranged for guitar only

1. Billie Jean (M. Jackson)
2. Blackbird (Beatles)
3. California dreamin’ (The mamas and the Papas)
4. Cannonball rag (M. Travis)
5. Chariots of fire (Vangelis)
6. Going home (Local Hero theme)
7. Imagine (J. Lennon)
8. James Bond theme (M. Norman)
9. Mission impossible (L. Schifrin)
10. Moon river (J. Mercer e H. Mancini)
11. Once upon a time in the west (E. Morricone)
12. Somebody to love (Queen)
13. Star wars (J. Williams)
14. The entertainer (S. Joplin)
15. The Godfather (N. Rota)
16. The good, the bad and the ugly (E. Morricone)
17. The one that I want – Grease – (J. Farrar)
18. The pink panther (H. Mancini)
19. Titanic (J. Horner)
20. What a wonderful world (B. Thiele)
21. When my guitar gently weeps (Beatles)
22. Why worry (Dire Straits)
23. Yesterday (P. McCartney)

and more…


1. Fool in love (F. Chianucci)
2. Fragile (F. Chianucci)
3. I follow my soul (F. Chianucci)
4. On Sunday I’m in town (F. Chianucci)
5. So far from home (F. Chianucci)
6. Talking (F. Chianucci)
7. The soldier’s night (F. Chianucci)
8. Live your life (F.chianucci)
And more…

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